Once, I considered myself an artist.

Although I no longer draw regularly, there are still a few pieces which I can't quite discard as bad. So here's a few things I've enjoyed over the past five years. As I don't draw regularly anymore, this gallery will most likely be static, but you never know.

The Gaia Free Art Thread:

In the last half of October 2004, the Free Art forum opened up on Gaia Online. I immediately jumped on the idea and opened up a thread for giving out art of my own, as well as browsing for the occasional request thread. This marked a period of about two weeks where I drew art for anyone and everyone.

I experimented with styles, I pulled out old half-finished sketches, I doodled in class. Most of them were completed very quickly. Other than the avatars themselves, I used no references or influences; all the shapes and lines were pulled entirely from my head. I took what I was given in the avatars and then drew whatever came to mind, and in the end there was not a piece out of the 46 completed that did not have at least one detail or aspect that I liked. It came freely and easily and I think it marked the height of my artistic journey.

Come November, I committed myself to NaNoWriMo. At the beginning of December, I went to pick up pencil and paper again and found I could no longer draw. Though I struggled for the next three months, I never managed to regain that impromptu doodling talent.

The name of the thread was "Fleeting Inspiration".


For the moment, I've linked to the Photobucket gallery while I work on thumbnailing everything.