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Joining Shadow Star isn't hard, but it can take a bit of time. You just need to join Yahoo! Groups (which means you also have to get a Yahoo! ID), and then use the "Search "option at Yahoo! Groups to search for "ShadowStar" (exactly as written, except without the quotation marks). Click on the link that comes up as the search results and says ShadowStar. Make sure it's not ShadowStarBackstage or ShadowsForgotten, or the two other totally unrelated groups. Then click "Join this Group." It's fairly self-explanatory. We also recommend you also join ShadowsPast, our overflow group, for added RP depth.

One thing you might notice is that you won't have access to the group immediately. This is because we're moderating who joins because, every so often, somebody would join the group and spam us. So once you join our group, be patient, you'll probably be approved to join by the next day, and you can expedite approval by sending in a persona form.

OR, once you've joined Yahoo Groups, you could just type your email in here:

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Character Ideas

The question has come up before...what kind of characters does ShadowStar need? Since we have five different moderators, one for each realm, you're going to get five different answers. Jen will say "Air bonds-to-be!" Angie will say "Nuh-uh, we need Fire!" Matt will douse Angie with a bucket of water and say "Water!" And Wynn will say "Land..." Krys, on the other hand, will say... "Muahaha, BAD GUYS! Chaosians."

So, the question remains: What kind of characters do we need? You can glance through the list of characters to see at a glance what we have an abundance of. First off, we need bonds-to-be for all realms. We're now doing bondings twice a year, and more if we get lots of BtBs.

Second, we need guildmasters. To be able to play a guildmaster though (or a royal) you need to be a fairly experienced RPer that has created a character at ShadowStar before, first characters might not get positions like royals or guildmasters until later. So if you're new, post well and then ask for a guildmaster the next time around. We need guildmasters for the Healers, and there are also open positions in the Knight's Guild on the Council of Knights, as well as the Bowmaster.
We could also use Trainingmasters! Only two of our five trainingmasters are active characters; the realms of Fire, Air and Water are open for a PC trainingmaster.

In guilds, we have a good number of mages (especially psy-mages), and artisans. There is an average number of bards and Ctsu/Maugh Klarn. We are lacking in druids, particularly masters, and knights in all factions (most of our knight knights are NPCs, and there are zero soldiers). There are also a lot of street rats ICly. Species-wise, we have a lot of humans (then again, they're probably in the majority anyway) and a surprising lot of changelings and Wyrlaen, especially given the former's rarity and the latter's antisocial tendencies. :P We could use gnomes and kenders, and especially centaurs of any type.

We can always use more characters that are from Chaos. Last time we said this, there was a sudden influx of Chaos characters (most of which ended up not being used) and no good guys, so yes, it's good to have Chaos, but let's not overwhelm the mods with two zillion Chaos characters that aren't going to be used anyway. Of course, when we said *that*, we stopped getting Chaotic characters. There's still top positions in the heiarchy available, as well as a need for just about any type of Chaosian. We have more Chaosian defects than we do actual Chaosians! o_o

We also need mayors and nobles for every town in ShadowStar. There should be one person per town who's the town leader, and since nobody's playing any of them right now, the towns (except for Lliomech and Cascadia) are free for the taking by NPCs or PCs.

As I said previously, it's okay if you want to spoof a character from your favorite book or movie. But remember, the keyword is SPOOF. Not copy. Somebody among us is sure to notice if the character's exactly a movie character... If you need more ideas for characters, feel free to read the members pages where there are many many characters to get you started.

Creating a Character

To create a character, the first thing you'll need to do is to read the Guide. Then go to the text form. Just copy-paste it to an email and send it to the moderators at ShadowStar-owner AT yahoogroups DOT com. The moderators will discuss your character form amongst themselves, and someone will get back to you with either an approval or with a list of changes needed for approval within three days, though under certain circumstances it may take longer.

And as a precaution, if you're going to model your character after an already established character such as in Lord of the Rings or X-Men or Star Wars, modify the character to ShadowStar's setting and change the name... and change the description enough so it looks creative. We probably won't accept characters called Luke Skywalker or Legolas or Storm because that's just too obvious. If you need help with a name, go to the Links Page, where we have several links for help with naming under the RPG Resources.

Also, while some RPGs limit you to one or two characters, and some limit you to five or ten, we don't have a limit on the characters you can create and play. The more characters, the merrier! The current number of active PCs by one person is twenty, can you beat it? :P

To learn how not to make a character, check out Shadow Star for Dummies, also known as the Shadow Star Hall of Shame. If you're concerned about your new character being too cliched or powerful, you can also try the Shadow Star Litmus Test, based off Shadow Star for Dummies.


Many plots go on at one time in Shadow Star; sometimes several taking place in the past while others take place a few days or weeks later. So don't be too confused if you see characters in one thread and then the same characters appear in a totally different thread; the threads are just taking place at different times.

Once you've joined the group and had a character approved, it's time to start posting. Posting's fairly simple, all you have to do is be creative and detailed, and follow the general rules of not autoing or godmoding without permission. Basically, just start a story and email it to or if you prefer, write it in the "Post" section of Yahoogroups. If you're having trouble getting started, here are a couple of sample introductory posts.

Remember when posting bondeds or telepathics talking to eachother, use something to set their mind-voices apart such as {{brackets}} or ~tildes~ or [[square brackets]] or **stars** or ##Pounds##... Whatever sets it off from other conversation.

Example 1
Posted by: Scream
Subject: A Wandering Song

She carefully tucked first one tiny scaled ball of flizzard and then the other into the brown leather nesting pouch, lined with soft furs, and slipped it around her neck. Next she donned her old and well worn black long-coat, and then she lifted her pack with caution not to disturb the many sleepers in the wagon. Her three little sisters and toddler brother remained sleeping though and so with more than a little regret, she stepped over the tailgate of the wagon and off the bumper-step onto the ground. Then she walked the few feet to the one of the other two wagons, fingering a piece of parchment pulled from her pocket. She was careful to tie it in a neat little roll right to the forelock of her fatherís favorite draft horse. The first thing he did every morning was water the horses, so the first thing heíd notice was that she was gone.

The parchment was a note explaining to Dreor Wrścís traveling merchant family that she was leaving them. And for the first time, it was an excursion she wasnít really planning on returning from any time soon. Heck, she might never come back for all she knew.

As she walked away, the wagons growing smaller behind her and her mind keenly aware of that distance, she went over the words sheíd written once more in her head, anxious over them still. They were short and simple because she hadnít had the heart to write long.

ďFirst of all, I must say that I love you with all my heart and soul. You have made my life a good one and treasured. I cherish each of you. But I have to leave you now. There are things about me you do not know, and things I donít really understand either. You donít know me as well as you thought, and I donít know me either. Iím sorry, but I canít learn what I need to here with you. Perhaps once I figure it all out, Iíll find you again. Hug and kiss the kids for me.

Lufu, DreorĒ

Morning was still young, and by the time the sun was fully risen and her parents would be rising too, Dreor was far from their camp. She found a road and started walking along it with her eyes closed to test her sense of feeling by keeping track of the difference in earth, singing to herself a folk song her father and older brothers sang when pickings were slim.

ďThe poor man will praise it so hath he good cause,
That all the year eats neither partridge not quail,
But sets up his rest and makes up his feast,
With a crust of brown bread and a pot of good aleÖĒ

Example 2
Author: Ziggy
Subject: An Introduction (Firstday)

The soft cerulean sky shone scintillating streams of splendid sunlight southward to skim sprouting strands of sturdily subsisting sedge satisfyingly set to survive saucily surrounded by the snakelike soil street. The wind whispered warmly within the whorls of weeds winding with wormlike wriggles wantonly westward. Birds and bees breezed and buzzed bemusedly, benefited by benign breezes blowing balmily beneath blanched billowy broom.

All alliteration aside, it was a pretty darn nice day. Except for the demons.

The demons, of course, were the reason Damien was cowering up in a tree. You would not think a tree the best place to cower from demons under normal circumstances, but the young man had faith that a tree was exactly where it was best to be at this moment. After all -these- demons were quite small.

In truth, Damien had never seen a demon in his life. He had read books on the subject, one or two, and recalled that demons ought to have golden eyes with red centers. He also recalled something about horns, but maybe he was thinking about imps with that one. He'd have to look that up if he managed to get out of this tree without being eviscerated. He quite liked his viscera quite a lot exactly where it was.

Back to the demons at hand, though. They did not, he thought again, look at all like a demon ought to. No gold-and-red eyes or horns to be seen. In fact, despite his insistence that they simply -must- be demons, their mother did not seem to believe they were. She insisted quite loudly that they were human children, perfect little... well, whatever the exact opposite of demons were.

That, though, was quite improbable. No children had -ever- liked to see people suffer this much.

Demons or not, their mother had a point. Her name was Missus Vesp, and she was the one who had spawned the demons, Mertel and Jeor, into the world thereby ensuring the suffering of all of humankind (Or at least the ones that encountered the beasts) for all of eternity (Or at least as long as the 'children', and possibly several generations of offspring, lived). Missus Vesp was currently standing at the base of Damien's new home making her argument in quite loud tones.

"Ye promised! Ye did!" Was about the extent of her argument.

"Now I wouldn't say I -promised-, I merely agree--"

"Ye says y'would!"

"Well, yes, I did... But that's hardly a sworn oa--"

"Ge' down 'ere! Now!"

"If it's all the same to you, I'd rather n--"


Damien got down.

In mere seconds the demons were upon him, clinging to his legs and cruely pinching him when their mother was busy glaring at the formerly-treebound soldier page. Damien was trying to ensure his survival by deflecting tiny pinching fingers, but with little success.

"Now r'memer, ye said y'd watch 'em fer three--" It was Damien's turn to cut the woman off.

"Yes, yes, three hours. Then home for supper. I remember, Missus Vesp."

"An' don' ye be gettin' 'em ta stan' still and try ta sell 'em as statues!"

"Please, don't insult me, I'd never dream of doing something like that to children." Well there went -that- idea. Now he'd need a new one.

So, head bowed in thought, hands flailing to keep the little spawn from pinching particularly tender areas, Damien headed towards the loudest of the music. Hopefully music would sooth these savage beasts... Or maybe one of the bards would have a couple spare lutes to smash over their heads. Irotana willing, at least.