Welcome to the Shadow Star RPG!

Shadow Star is a jewel of an island amidst endless blue waves. Cities dot the sprawling landscape, connected by pebbled roads and crystalline rivers. Dragons and phoenixi soar the skies, whilst unicorn hooves pound a tattoo on the earth. It is a beautiful land, home to all manner of people - graceful elves, proud centaurs, inventive humans, and many more. Would that it were as peaceful as it appeared...

But a desolate island just off Shadow Star's southeast shore holds a fearsome enemy: the forces of Chaos. The armies of the Chaos Realm are almost constantly waging small battles on out-lying Shadow Star towns and villages. The forces of Shadow Star's Realm Unity are spread thin, and every attack eats away at its defenses.

The Unity Council has called to all keeps, towns, provinces and villages to send recruits to the four major cities of Cascadia Falls, StarScape Mountain, Oceanica, and Kiridia. That call is to you, as well - will you answer it?

ShadowStar is a play-by-email RPG, played on YahooGroups. Currently we have two YahooGroups: ShadowsPast, for obsolete posts or roleplaying in ShadowStar's mysterious history, and ShadowStar, the main RPG group. We also have an adult list for more graphic roleplay. For the benefit of those who have never used YahooGroups, all you need is a free Yahoo profile and a valid email address to join it.

Before you join, however, it is mandatory that you read the Shadow Star Guide and the rules. Once you've done so, you can find out how to make a character in the join section, and then you can submit your own character through the form. You can read about the Shadow Star role-players and their characters in the members section. If you don't like this site but are open to suggestions, or if you're interested in linking to us, check the links page.

Wondering what's current with ShadowStar? The Cascadia Blue Moon is ShadowStar's periodical newsletter. Check it for periodical OOC updates and IC articles and games, as well as creative artwork by our members.

Also visit our Shadow Star Quotes page!

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