Rules and Guidelines: Adult List

Posting Procedure

ShadowStarAdult is for posts that push or surpass the PG-13 rating at ShadowStar. Since not everyone on the main list is on the adult list, you should post a PG-13 summary of your SSA posts (if relevant to a plot or story, or if the SSA post takes part in a thread on SS) on the main list. For instance, if there is a thread in the main list about character A (let's call her Anna) getting captured by Chaos (let's say the name of the thread is "Chaotic Interrogation"), perhaps Anna is tortured and raped. This could easily get past the PG-13 rating, so Anna's player decides to move the torture and rape scene to the adult list. There might be important dialogue in the adult list posting, or the event might be relevant or important, so Anna's player might post the following in the main list.

The demon leered at Anna, his forked tail twitching in anticipation of her screams and pain. She kept her chin high and glared, resolute. "I won't tell you anything," the angel said fiercely.

"Oh, I think you will," the demon said with a laugh, and a tug of the chain dragged her, stumbling, into the torture room.

[Move to ShadowStarAdult.]

The pain and humiliation was overwhelming. Anna's resolve broke under the torture, and she told everything she knew about the royals she served under. The demon tossed her into her cell, broken and bleeding, and she stared into nothing, soul shattered irretrievably.

The [Move to ShadowStarAdult] means that what happened will be detailed in the adult list. Anna's player then posts to the adult list under the title "Chaotic Interrogation [NC-17 for torture, explicit rape]". The rating in the brackets, along with the reason for the rating, allows someone who doesn't want to read a rape scene to avoid it.

The adult list is not just for sexual situations, nor for explicitly sexual posts. Take the same situation as above. Perhaps Anna's player doesn't want to detail the rape, but thinks the post is above the PG-13 rating, or borders on it. The title would instead be "Chaotic Interrogation [R for torture, rape]".

This can be done by more than one player, as well. Perhaps the demon was played by another player, and so the demon's player and Anna's player wanted to roleplay the scene. In that case, the note to move the thread to ShadowStarAdult would be the end of that post, and once the scene was over with, a summary would be posted in the "Chaotic Interrogation" thread in the main list.