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This is the official site for the Otaku Sailor Wars RPG. Available here are reference materials and writing devoted exclusively to this game.

OSW is an online roleplay featured on LiveJournal. It is, in essence, meant to both prod fun at the Sailor Moon fandom while at the same time celebrating in just how damn fun it is.

That's why, when you create a character for OSW, you get to have two options: You can either create a balanced character, or you can make your very own Sue/Stu! Keep in mind that all the players in the game so far know what a Sue/Stu is, and are more or less in dislike of the species in general. That doesn't stop us from enjoying the atrocities we play.
Otaku Sailor Wars
Otaku Sailor Wars - the main community where all gameplay takes place.
OOC Community - the OOC (out-of-character) community where news, discussions, and announcements go.
Crack Community - the crack community, where events and gameplay not related to the main plot happens.

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