The Main Course You'll Be Throwing Up:

  1. A Personal Insult?! (Ronin Warriors, PG)
  2. The Dessert Rose! (Tenchi Muyo, PG)
  3. The, Witch (Ronin Warriors, PG)
  4. What was this rated again? (Ronin Warriors, PG-13)
  5. On Chips, Llamas, Songs, and how to drive someone insane... (Gundam Wing, PG)
  6. Did I say PG-13? I meant R. [MSTed with Kris](Tenchi Muyo, R)
  7. Volunteers, anyone? (Tenchi Muyo/Final Fantasy 7, PG)
  8. The nurd came back... o_O (Tenchi Muyo/Final Fantasy 7, PG)
  9. Nostalgia and Bad Grammar Galore! (Ronin Warriors, PG)
  10. MST of a MST of a MST of a MST of a *smacks self* (Ronin Warriors, PG)
  11. We All Have Problems--Like This Fic (Ronin Warriors, PG)
  12. Excuse me, I'm insane...can I go home now? (Gundam Wing, PG)
  13. What's wrong with this picture? (Ronin Warriors, PG-13)
  14. Voyage Into the Unknown! (Sailor Moon, PG-13)
  15. And now for something completely different... (Outlaw Star, PG-13)
  16. Ready the barf buckets! [MSTed with hanyou] (Tenchi Muyo, R)
  17. The all-encompassing Mary Sue! (Sailor Moon, PG)
  18. I will never forgive you! (Flame, PG)
  19. Title Space for Sale! (Ronin Warriors, PG-13)
  20. Whose idea was this again? (Gundam, PG)
  21. No Place is safe from a Mary Sue (Pilot Candidate, PG)
  22. Return of Wrong Pictures! [MSTed with Artemis] (Ronin Warriors, PG-13)
  23. Thou shalt not write a fanfic... (G Gundam, PG)
  24. TEh ooc is teh suxx0rz (G Gundam, PG-13)
  25. Because We're Masochists, That's Why [MSTed with Multi-Facets] (Yu Yu Hakusho, PG-13)
  26. Just Another Mary Sue (Gundam Wing, PG)
  27. You Thought It Couldn't Get Worse (Sailor Moon/Club Winx, PG-13)
  28. And Now You Know...The Rest Of The Story (Tenchi Myuo!, PG-13)
  29. Author, Thy Name Is Suck [MSTed with Artemis] (Ronin Warriors, PG)
  30. Beware the Fandom (Harry Potter, R)
  31. Canon Characters? What're those? (Inuyasha, PG-13)
  32. Fun With Fanfic, And By Fun We Mean Pain (Pokemon, PG)

Specials, extra MSTs which are different just because we say so:

  1. Come and See! It's the Talking Idiot! (Flame, PG)
  2. Us the people... ('Constitution', PG)
  3. While the tia's away... (Batman, R)
  4. Teasers, Who Got Ya Teasers (Various, PG)

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