Once a brave band of adventurers
With no sense of intonation or rhyme
Were locked in a room by an arrogant fangirl
And forced to read bad fanfiction.

There's your freakin' theme song, h0rs. XO

Welcome to Rabid Wolverine, a place where we take bad fanfiction and try to make it not suck as much by interjecting our own witty comments which usually suck only slightly less than the fic itself. So grab some food of choice and have a read, have a laugh perhaps, and try to hold onto your stomach contents.

HERE BE YOUR OFFICIAL WARNING, BEE-HOTCHES: Many of these MSTs contain foul language, perverted and often just plain wrong humor, and general all-around rowdy bashing of all parties involved. Impressionable children WILL be impressioned, and easily offended parents WILL be offended. Each MST is rated accordingly by a set of standards which are pretty much completely arbitrary, but form an okay scale of comparison.

For your reference, here is a list of things that are considered "fair game" for snark, sarcasm, cracks about sex life or lack thereof, and comments of the "You suck" nature:

  • The fic
  • The fandom
  • The author
  • The MSTers
  • Poor spelling and grammar
  • Plot holes
  • Lousy characterization
  • Bad pairings
  • All pairings
  • Modern politics
  • Large corporations
  • Organized religion
  • Kittens. Yes, kittens.
  • Anthing that makes us go "WTF?"
  • And here is a list of things that are considered "off limits" for all of the above stuff I just mentioned:

  • Have a nice day? :o

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