tiakall/Riikii: Me. That's really all you need to know, except that I typically go by Riikii (excluding MSTs with other authors.) If you see both a Riikii and a tiakall running around, the latter's tiakall/Sailor X as described below.

tiakall(Sailor X): Short, ill-tempered, fan senshi. You can tell she's a Sue by the sharing of names. We like her because she stabs her creator. Yeah, like THAT'S not Freudian. Also, being Sailor X isn't nearly as funny once they actually found the tenth planet. [Fan senshi from Sailor Moon]

Nico: Honestly, what does she see in a blue-haired Duo? [Azure Dreams]

Talpa-chan: Don't ask why an evil emperor allows himself to be referred to as -chan. Ask even less about why he's such a perv. [Fan version of Talpa from Ronin Warriors.

Ki-chan: KI-CHAN LIKES MIHOS-- *is brutally mauled* [Fan version of Kiyone from Tenchi Muyo]

Washu: Yay for random science projects and macking on Talpa-chan when she thinks no one's watching. Hey, evil's sexy? [Tenchi Muyo]

Duo: haha, Duo writes crappy Tenchi fics [Gundam Wing]

Prettz-chan: Swords, explosives, motorcycles, what's not to love? Ladies, he's single. [Fan version of Prettz from Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals]

Ryo: Dude, stop macking on Rowen long enough to do a profile. Also, you're a weenie. [Ronin Warriors]

Rowen: This guy is cracked. Seriously. One would think he was a badfic version or something. [Fan version of Rowen from Ronin Warriors]

Kento: Desperately clinging to his love of boobies. Go away, Rowen. [Ronin Warriors]


George de Sand: Sometimes we're just lazy and call him George. Sai still wants to know if we can verify this one's a man. Also, Seiya says you're his bitch. [G Gundam]

Seiji-chan: My favorite kind of man: needlessly violent. [Fan version of Seiji from Samurai Troopers]

Shin-chan: Look! Cye with a ponytail! OMFG HAWT [Fan version of Shin from Samurai Troopers]

Ryo-chan: We haven't seen this guy in a while, and it kind of makes us sad. Life's just not as fun when you can't tease a bee-hotch about her fan crush. [Fan version of Ryo from Ronin Warriors]

Sage-chan: Yeah, he's better than you. Don't worry, just tease him about his interior decorating hobby and then run like hell. [Fan version of Sage from Ronin Warriors]

Cye-chan: It's always the quiet ones that can cuss like a trucker. [Fan version of Cye from Ronin Warriors]

Cale-chan: Swords, darkness, blah blah blah. Sucks being Talpa's bitch. [Fan version of Cale from Ronin Warriors]

Hariel-chan: He just wishes he was as cool as Ryo-chan. Or as good-looking. If you're looking for who the base belongs to, you found him. [Fan character of Ronin Warriors]

Fred: If we ever do anything involving Gene Starwind, he is SO there. [Outlaw Star]

Sakahoto: She was fun for a dancer chick. [Original character]

Luna-chan: Go ahead, call her a cat. The webpage could use a splash of red. :D [Fan version of Luna from Ronin Warriors]


Random characters that pop in:

Llama: "Lemme guess. We're about to go over a huge waterfall. Oh, and SQUARE." [Fan version of Kuzco from Emperor's New Groove]

George: This fic needs some random. How about a scary guy?

Peasants: Their appointed job is to say "Yay" in a rather monotonous tone at points, but they can really suck at it sometimes.

Words: Usually puns on misspellings or poorly worded phrases. Sometimes they're tia in disguise.

Hen-chan: It's our tentacle monster. It lives under the couch. That's really all you probably want to know.

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