Word Counting

For those who want to see what their wordcount is like outside of Word or OpenOffice, here's a nifty little form that will count all your words for you! Just copy your novel into the box below and hit the 'Calculate Words' button. Easy as that! This should return a count very close if not exactly to what the 'official' wordcounter will produce. (It's also similar to how I suspect Nano counts words.)

If you want to know for sure what the 'official' wordcounter will produce, you can download a copy (right click link) of the program I use. (For Unix users, this functions exactly like the wc function.) You will have to use your Command Prompt (usually under Accessories on the start menu) and navigate to the folder you download the file into (using cd [dir] where [dir] is the name of the directory and cd .. to go up a level. It's helpful if you give your novel a short name (it will have to be saved in one .txt file) and put it in the same folder. Then just type wc.exe filename.txt and it will give you the number of words. It's that simple!


This free script provided by JavaScript Kit