About the Festivalis Cycle

Festivalis started with NaNoWriMo '06 and two newly created original characters from a fandom based RPG. Wanting to see the characters in a relationship together but not wanting to rush development in the game, Tabitha constructed a setup which Saturnalia would take place in. Only one piece was intended to ever be written, the NaNo novel for 2006 Tabitha wrote, but the creative bug bit, questions were being asked, and come January Tabitha wrote the second novel for JanNoWriMo (Floralia).

The creator of one of the main characters, Celaine, entered into the Write Here, Write Now program sponsored by BBC News and wrote a piece that was shorter than the previous two installations of the series. It was titled Sol Invictus, and intended to take place immediately after Floralia and tie up loose ends and provide better closure (though Celaine claims that Nikado wouldn't shut up).

In the following year, Celaine and Tabitha both collaborated on the world that the three stories took place and agreed to title the series Festivalis, maintaining and paying homage to the theme of each installation being named after a pagan Roman holiday. A fourth in the series, titled Feralia and written by Celaine, was sporadically worked on and neared completion with the arrival of NaNoWriMo '07. A fifth in the series, titled Lemuralia and written by Tabitha, is intended to be completed during the month of November. Both will be available for reading when completely edited.

During the same year, Tabitha briefly tossed ideas at Celaine about supplemental, short stories focusing on reincarnated/past lives of some of the chief characters from Festivalis. Though a couple have been outlined and fully formed, they have yet to be written.

Tabitha and Celaine have agreed to write the "last" installation of Festivalis together in a co-author endeavor, though when and what that particular story will be about is unknown at this time.